Club history
The Dandenong Hockey Club was established in 1956 with the founding member being Bill Toon OAM. Springvale Noble Park Hockey Club was established in 1971 with the founding member being Keith McConchie, Graham Booth, Ian Whatley.
The Greater Dandenong Warriors Hockey Club was formed in 2007 when these two clubs amalgamated to form a singular identity within the City of Greater Dandenong.

Today our Club has four junior, one women, four men and three master teams.

We are a family club who are friendly, competitive and all inclusive.

If you are looking for a new Hockey Club or are interested in playing Hockey we would love to hear from you.

Contact the President Jeff Fernandez gdwhcpresident@hotmail.com for further details.


To provide a safe, family friendly environment for everyone to learn and play field
hockey.  Strive to compete fairly, whilst respecting officials, opposition, supporters and team
Promote and participate in competitions, to provide adequate facilities and to affiliate with
clubs with like objectives.
We will commit to the Development and ongoing Improvement for each player & member to
the betterment of themselves and that of our Club.